Check your private proxy

You may check your private proxy if they are working properly. They will be tested for working with Google, Yahoo, Instagram and Facebook.

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And this is how we do it

To check if proxies are working we use sophisticated algorithms in parallel mode to make asynchronous connections.



We perform several asynchronous connections to google servers, after we get a response our script conduct search-engine test by performing several parallel searches. The returned results are examined and on this basis we establish wheter proxy is working or not. Google test is the most time consuming beneath all other tests.


As in the previous case, the yahoo test includes parallel connections to their servers and examination of the results from the search-engine, on this basis is determined whether the proxy is functioning properly.


In the case of Instagram the script is testing the answer of their homepage. The random hashtags test is also performed. On this basis, the system determines whether the proxy is working correctly or not.


As in the case of Instagram we examine the response of main page, a positive response of Facebook servers confirms the proper functioning of the proxy.

Our experience

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